Come Fly With DeVilla – Isis Wings Workshop – Sunday, October 18, 2015 at Dance GardenLA

Oh! Mighty Isis Wings Workshop

Sunday, October 18th

2 pm – 5 pm

Dance GardenLA

3191 Casitas Avenue, Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90039










I Love Isis Wings and there is so much more to them than just the basic flutter! Let me help demystify them and make them as fun to use for you as they are for me.

In this class you will learn:

  • Full instruction on how to use Isis wings.
  • Styling, size, and colors.
  • Flutters, dramatic use of posing, concealing, and revealing.
  • Spins, turns, and formations for multiple dancers.
  • The beautiful “ArabienTiger” choreography I created for the “Dragon Ladies” piece I performed with my troupe Isis Siren Sekhmet at Cairo Shimmy Quake 2015.

Donʼt worry if you donʼt have a pair of wings, there will be wings for sale and ones you can borrow! So donʼt be afraid, come fly with me!

A basic dance vocabulary and strong spins and turning ability will be helpful for this workshop.  However, the workshop is geared for multi-levels so everyone can learn and enjoy!

The workshop is $48 by Oct 10th • $55 after that • $60 at the door.

Sign up for the workshop here: