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August & September Upcoming Performances with DeVilla and Isis-Siren Sekhmet

DeVilla performs solo and with Isis-Siren Sekhmet in two enchanting theatrical creations for this evening of fusion dance hosted by Fahtiem.











September is Vegas, Baby.  DeVilla and Isis-Siren Sekhmet will be performing in the LVBDI Friday night pro show and on the Sunday day time stage. Woo-hoo!  We’re bringing our glitter bombs and we’re ready to rak ya.











August Siren Sunday jamie-moun-flyer0514-v5

DeVilla’s Shameless Spring Fling into Summer

This is going to be a busy summer, so hold on to your hip sash!






The Sirens are
Siren Sunday June 1st
Hosted by DeVilla
Featuring Isis-Siren-Sekhmet,
student and professional dancers and
surprise guest artists!

Moun of Tunis
7445 1/2 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, Ca. 90046
Dinner seating at 7pm, so at 8pm;
reservations a must!
Please mention the showcase

JUNE 7th & 8th


We’re shakin’ and quakin’!
Don’t miss Cairo Shimmy Quake!

Isis Siren Sekhmet and DeVilla are performing Sunday, June 8th AND DeVilla is teaching a workshop on Saturday, June 7th!

Don’t miss the Face Forward taught by DeVilla! Sign up is here and price of admission is included in the cost of the workshop. Sweet!

If you missed my last “Face Forward” workshop don’t miss this one!!! It’s the last of it’s kind for a while and You really don’t want to miss Cairo Shimmy Quake!!!




June 15- YUMA AZ!

workshops and performancees with DeVilla!

Lets rock some make up and “Drama Queen”



JUNE 28th

ARRRRRRRR you ready for Pirate Invasion? DeVilla and Isis- Siren-Sekhmet will be there with bells on and may be some candles on their heads! Will we see you land lubbers there??










Land ho!!


JULY- Get ready to “chunk it” cause we got a Fire Cracker coming at ya!

 DeVilla is bringing you Khalima from RVA for two great workshops and she will be performing at our “Fire Cracker” SIREN SUNDAY AT MOUN OF TUNIS RESTAURANT.

July 6th – the 4th of July can’t hold a candle to this!

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This AMAZING creature is coming to play in LA in July!

Workshops and and show info to come.
Please help me welcome Khalima Sikorsky!

WHO is Khalima?!
Khalima is a Richmond, Virginia based bellydancer, performance artist, instructor, emcee, writer, musician, singer, producer, and artistic madwoman. She brings together her background in art, music, body modification and adornment, and a lifelong passion for writing, metaphor, and things that shine into emotional, musical, and narrative renderings of Orientale bellydance and theatrical performance. Her foundation and training in Orientale bellydance informs her unique approach to dance and performance. A natural teacher, Khalima’s dance instruction is inspired by studying with masters such as Sahra Saeeda and Suhaila Salimpour, training in prenatal yoga, and years of working with and educating clients in the body modification world. With a penchant for thinking outside of the box and an insatiable drive to create and inspire, Khalima opened lllumination Dance Studio in September of 2010, directing the vision of the space, and teaching weekly classes. She also hosts internationally touring artists, and produces numerous events around Richmond including Raqs Luminaire, a gorgeous spectacle of bellydance, live music, theater, and glowture at the historic Byrd Theater. Luminaire is now in it’s fifth year.

Details for

“The East Cost Special” and “Butter My Buns” workshops out soon

all held at Dance Garden studio on Sunday July 6th.


AUGUST 3rd brings Us the “Boys of Summer” SIREN SUNDAY”

There will be exciting male Bellies, some drag and Hatshepsut may appear!


In September, Isis- Siren- Sekhmet is headin’ to Vegas for The Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive!


Thank you LVBDI! Isis-Siren-Sekhmet and I are thrilled and honored to be a part!
The 2014 Pro-Shows are going to be OFF THE HOOK!
Falling Head Over Heels this OCTOBER
With Alli Ruth and Our “Season of the Witch”  SIREN SUNDAY
October 5th at Moun of Tunis Restaurant in Hollywood!

The enchanting Alli Ruth of Finland will be teaching workshops on Bra making and her amazing floor work. Details soon!!!










Upcoming Events and workshops with DeVilla and Isis-Siren-Sekhmet

Shameless Self Promotion for spring!

Hellooooo Bellies!
With an evening of Folkloric dances!
I’ll be doing a traditional Shamadan number. (yes, dancing with a candelabra on my head) And Isis-Siren-Sekhmet and I will be performing our Tunisian number.
Aubre Hill and Qabila are our guests. It’s going to RAK!
Inline image 1
Dance Garden Saturdays!
I hope you are all loving the Drum Solo as much as I am.
I know it’s fast and crazy but we will NAIL it at the Dance Garden fiesta and at the
SIREN SUNDAY show April 6th. Wanna dance??? Let me know ASAP!
Any interest in some “Home Girl” classes? How about this, Thursday night  2-27 from 6:30-7:30.
$12.  Working on drills and technique for the drum solo!
RSVP-ASAP. I can only fit 6-8. You may video the choreo as long as…You know the drill.
Inline image 3
Look at these WOMEN!!!
 FACE FORWARD is back by popular demand!
I couldn’t fit you all in so here’s the next one!
March 23rd.
  It will be the last of it’s kind for a while!
Make up for stage, costuming, posing with DeVilla and photo shoot Maharet.
A full day of beauty and fun!!!
You will receive one photo shopped photograph ready to use for your publicity needs. (say your dancing a SIREN SUNDAY, DID YOU SIGN UP YET? and need a publicity picture)
 at Studio DeVilla
SHAMADAN FOR STAGE- Date to be determined in May.
Once you see me do this at the April SIREN SUNDAY, your gonna wanna!!!
The historic and modern theatrical uses of SHAMADAN!
We will cover the history of Raks Shamadan, it’s current application and Theatrical uses.
 Its care and keeping, feeding, storage and fitting your shamadan.
Most importantly
How to dance with a SHAMADAN on your head!
I taught this in Vegas at the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive! The dancers LOVED it!!!
 Studio DeVilla  (time to be determined)
Please check in with me about dancing an upcoming SIREN SUNDAY!
We begin again in March 2nd, 2014!!!
Solos, duets and groups welcome!
I am available to teach privates, here in my studio and  HOME GIRL class Sessions are starting NOW!!!
Please Let me know your interest re. any of this info or if you have a request for me to teach!
Lets get ready to blossom, it’s almost spring!
We're Back with an evening of Folkloric Dance- Guest Star Aubre Hill and Qabila devillamoun214 IMG_8971.png

For my “FACE FORWARD” Bellies, Here’s a little something I wrote that might be of interest!

Fully body painted gold for MECDA'S Cairo Caravan on the Queen Mary.

Fully body painted gold for MECDA’S Cairo Caravan on the Queen Mary.

Know Your House: How To Make Sure Your Face Matches Your Performance Space

By DeVilla

As dancers, we perform in many different venues, from house parties and restaurants to festivals under unflattering florescent lighting to large stage events with amazing lighting! These varied situations all require different make up techniques. It’s our job as performers to create the illusion of the illusive, mystical, joyous and free spirited dancer. Hair, make up and costuming all come into play.

“Knowing your House,” means to fully understand your performance space and the lighting situation you will be in. Most of us do not get to perform on a large stage with a lighting tech and great lighting very often, so let’s start there.

If you have the luxury of this situation you really need to take yourself out of your make up comfort zone and go for super-dramatic highlight and shading. Don’t be afraid! You need to contour your entire face, including eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw line- even if you don’t need to change the shape of your face. You will want to use a grey brown/ taupe shade for contouring. This neutral tone will suck up light and draw the facial plane backward. Place this shade under your jaw line, under your cheekbones and along the sides of your nose. Be sure to blend well.

Use a lighter flesh tone with some yellow or a bit of iridescent pearl or gold to highlight the top of your nose, and the tops of your cheekbones. Bronzer and cheek color can be utilized over top to help blend it all together! If you don’t use highlight and shading the stage lights are so bright that they will completely wash your face out and you will probably not be seen much past the third row.
That would be a bummer considering how much you spent on that costume!

Here is the trick to knowing when you have enough make up on. During your tech rehearsal or before the show have a friend sit in the center of the theater, or, as they say in the theater, your “house”. She should be in the center chair about half way to three quarters up and she’ll be checking your make up from there. Have her video you in the lighting you will be seen in if possible. If, from that vantage point you look as if you still have a face on, GREAT JOB! If not, go for more highlight and shading, and don’t be afraid!

For smaller events in dimmer lighting you will want to use less, but you will still want to create that illusion of perfection from head to toe. I always use varying degrees of highlight and shading to define my face even out side in daylight.

Do your homework, play, experiment and remember, ” It’s only make up!”

One last thing: To look finished, don’t forget to paint your finger and toenails!




PHOTOS: “Bombshell” cover photo by Dusti Cunningham, DeVilla portrait by Amanda Brooks
“Bombshell” stage make-up DVD, belly dance, burlesque, cosmetics, DeVilla, Princess Farhana, stage make up


NEXT!!! Here comes February!

The Meghreb weekend with Amel Tafsout is NEXT WEEKEND Feb. 1st and 2nd.
(Who’s needs the Super Bowl?)






Pleasant Gehman’s book release party is two short weeks away. Feb. 7th











Not to mention my SOLD out “Face Forward” workshop on Feb.9th with Maharet Christina Hughes photography Here at Studio DeVilla.  I’M ADDING A SECOND DATE FOR “FACE FORWARD” IN MARCH!








Registration is open for
Marketing with Princess Farhana here at Studio DeVilla Feb.23rd.

Payment for Princes Farhana through her paypal at bottom!

SUNDAY, FEB. 23, 2014 2pm-5pm
You’ve got the chops, you’ve got the look, you’re getting the jobs, you’re teaching classes…so how do you take your career to the next level? Smart marketing and branding! Wikipedia defines Personal Branding as “the process whereby people and their careers are marketed as brands…leading to an indelible impression that is uniquely distinguishable.” In this class we’ll explore branding, marketing and networking techniques for print promotions and flyers, hard copy and web flyers, and your own website . You’ll also learn tried and true networking concepts for “real life” and especially for social media. You’ll also earn how to write an effective artist bio, class description, show Introduction, and press releases.
This class will give you the tools for setting yourself apart from the crowd…without setting you apart from your cash!
Please bring your tablet, lap top or a pad and pen for notes…dancers of ANY genre are welcome
$55.00 before February 15, 2014
*This workshop is held at a private studio in Los Angeles-Villa DeVilla – and space is limited. Register by sending payment via paypal to:
pgehman (AT) , and you will receive directions.


I’ll be adding news about the re instatement of Thursday night “Home Girl” classes very soon!

A SECOND DATE FOR “FACE FORWARD ” will be announced soon


Please note the “Shamadan” workshop is postponed due to the BDUC weekend!